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The Music Program at Point Loma High School is on a "Journey to Excellence." The District provides basic materials and a limited budget, but our amazing program needs much more to continue the growth and exposure for our musicians. Funds will be used to modernize instruments, technology, and sound equipment. 

Our program includes Concert Band, Winds Ensemble, Orchestra, Marching Band, Drumline, Jazz Band and Colorguard. These musicians are OUTSTANDING, award-winning and dedicated. 

We'd like to help them to continue to GROW and BE CHALLENGED!

Meet the team

Abigail Antonio

Clarinet, 6 years

Abigail Benitez

Percussion 1 year

Amber Werth

Color Guard, 2 years

Amor Ramirez

Colorguard 2 years

Ann Marie Piermatteo

Annie McKenna

Flute, 5 years Trumpet, 4 years

ashlee leialoha

guard, 3 years

ashley daluz

baritone saxophone, 1 1/2 years

August Hayes

Flute, 8 years

ava enright

Clarinet, 7 years

Ava Wilt

Flute, 5 years Piccolo, 1 year

Ben Freeman

Trombone 3 yrs Tuba 2 yrs Euphonium 1 yr

Benjamin Blevins

Colorguard, 4 years.

Bessma Rhea

I’ve played the flute for 7 years!

Brady Schiller

Snare Drum, 4 Years

Brandon Blocker

Horn (7 months)

Calvin Pederson

Tuba, 3 years.

Camelina Cedillo

Alto Saxophone, 8 yrs

Chandler Decker

Bassdrum-2 years

Chris Simsic

Saxophone, 3rd year

Christopher Allen-Lem

Clarinet, 7 years

Christopher Caplaneris

pit 2 yr

Christopher Pimentel

Cinthya G

Color Guard 2 years

Claudio Flynn

Alto Saxophone, 5 years

Cody Rice

Euphonium, Four years

Cole Tillson

Trumpet, 6 yrs Ufonium, 1 yr

Conner Skewes

Trumpet, 9 years

Damien Benally

I play, the tuba and I have played almost 1 year

Daniel de la Vega

Percussion 3 Years

Darren Rauvola

Alto for 6 years Bari for 5 months

Dawn Melendez

Colorguard 2 years

Devin Corbin

French horn -7 months

Devin Williams

Alto sax - 6 months Drumline - 7 months

Diego Barrera

Marimba 2 years

Diego Casian

Percussion since 2016.

Dylan Garza

I’ve played Trombone for 3 years I did trumpet for 5 years

Emma Rhoades

Saxaphone, 4 years

Erica Valenzuela


Erica Valenzuela


Esmeralda Duarte Guzman

Tuba , 5 years Baritone, 4 years

Esmeralda Flores

Violin, 1st year

Estelle Villarreal

Saxophone, 2 years Violin, 10 years

Evan Ong

Trumpet, I've been playing for 7 years.

Fania Villarreal

Trombone, 2 years

Gianna Segale

Cello, 6 years

Hailey Otto

Colorguard, 3 years.

Hillari Hampton

Hunter Rice

Trombone, 3 years

Hunter Belden

Clarinet 4 years Bass clarinet 2 years

Ilse Ramirez

Cello, 6 years

Jacob Varon-Ramirez

Trumpet - 6 years

Jaden Gannon

Saxophone 8 years

Jailynn Miller

Violin, 7 years

jake owens

Bassoon, 4 months Alto sax, 7 months

James Clarke

Trumpet 3 years

Jane-Olivia Lubsen

Trombone, 7 years

Jesse Rosser

Percussion: 6 years

Jocelyn Fisher

Clarinet, 5 years

joey gonzalez

pecussion 3 years

john Lethert

Saxophone, 5 years

Joseph Rodela

Violin, 7 years

Justin Valadao#19

Kailee Miller

Tenor Saxophone- 6 years Piano- 8 years

karma loera

Colorguard 3 years

Katherine Burgess

Katie Kinton

Flute, 7years

Kieryn Bridger

Colorguard, 3 years

Lauren McNeice

Colorguard 3 years

Leah Katchur

Percussion 3 years

Leah Powell

Color-guard 2 years

Levi Morgan

Bass, 4 years

Maddie Holtkamp

clarinet, 6 years

Marcus Larraga

Colorguard - 2 years

Maria Becerra

Drumline: 2 years

Marie Ghio

cello, 7 years

marika lovelace

Flute, 4 years

Masha Randall

alto saxophone, 4 years

Matthew Jones

Cello, 4 years

Mauricio Tercero


Maylin Garcia

Hello, I play trumpet and I’ve been playing for 4 years now

Melody Hurtado

*snare noises*

Micah Liotta

Percussion: 2 years

michelle Santiago

Flute, 4 years

Natalie Burchett

colorguard ~ 2 years

Nathaniel Lapic

Trombone, 6 years

Naveed Perkins

I’ve played Piano for 14 years, Violin for 7 years, and Viola for 1 year!

Nicholas Burchett

Trombone: 6 years ;)

Nico Morrison

Cello, 5 years, Piano, 6 years, Violin, 4 years

Noel Gattey

Clarinet: 5 years

Paige Teague

Piccolo/Flute, 7 years

Princess Labrador

Trumpet, 5 years

Roselyn Sabio

Violin, 7 years

Ruth Melendez

Color guard 4 years

Ryan Hogue

I’ve played the cello for 6 years

Sam Capron

Bassoon, 9 months Saxophone, 5 years Mellophone, 6 months Guitar, 8 months

Sam de la Vega

Drumline First year

Sam Sanford

Violin, 8 years

Sarah Munoz

Viola, 1 year Violin, 6 years

satori jelden


Sawyer Rogers

Trumpet, 9

Sean Kiyohara

Violin, 7 years

Sophia Romero

Colorguard 2years

Taran Courchesne

Cello 5 Years

Tatyanna Torres

Hi! I’ve played clarinet for 7 years, oboe for 2 years and tenor sax for 5 years :)

Tigerlily Maynard

Violin, 7 years

Trajan Wissbroecker

Piano 2 years

Tyler Busby

Alto Saxophone - ~4 years

Will Gonzalez

Horn, 7 months Sax, 1 year

William Leaf

Trumpet, 8 years.

Xennia Avendano

Clarinet, 4

zack hansen

Tenor saxophone, 4 years

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